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home away from home
sweet dreams
goodnight Baker
Whatcom County Moon Rise Over Mt Baker
Chuckanut views
above the clouds
home again
early bird
Glacier Peak Sunrise
Summer Shuksan
Peak a boo
fun under the moon
summer fun
views of Index from Persis
milky way and liberty bell
Moonrise Reflections and Mt Baker
Pink Moon Cresting over Mt Baker
Baker Moon
Low Tide at Locust
Sunset Over the San Juans
reflections at sunset
still of the night
Shuksan Alpenglow
Shuksan and a Winter Sky
Winter Bliss
Heather Meadows Alpinglow
boarder peaks at sunset
Baker Nights
Taking it in....
Fire in the Sky
Sturgeon Moon and The Sisters
Layers of light, Woolley
Skagit Valley Sunrise
Milkyway and Mt Rainier
Mt Adams Sunrise
in awe.... Mt Rainier
Milkyway and Shuksan
early birds
Mt Baker Sunrise
Sisters Sunset
point of the arches sunset
Moody Sisters
solsticing 2018
Glacier Moon
Mt Baker Sunset
dawn patrol
Bellingham Bay Supermoon
Mt Baker and the Sisters
when your date shows up...
to the moon....
Starry Night and Shuksan
Full Moon Rising, Huntoon Point
Shi Shi Moments
Layers of Baker
Huntoon Auroras
Full Moon on the Nooksack and Shuksa
Mt Baker from Mt Dickerman
County views of Mt Baker
Huntoon Auroras
Rainier Moonshine
Baker and a Lake
Mt Rainier National Park
Egg Lake Startrails

Copper Ridge, North Cascades National Park

Rainier from afar......

morning views from Longs Pass

Copper Ridge Lookout

North Cascades National Park

Slate Peak Startrails
stargazing on the Sahale Arm

August Milky Way at its best

Home in the Mountains

sunset from the Sahale Arm

Chuckanut Sunset Paddle

May 2016

Sisters Alpenglow

May 2016

Makapu Point Sunrise

Oahu, April 2016

illusions of misty ocean morning movements

Oahu, April 2016

Makapu Point Sunrise

Oahu, April 2016

pipeline dreams...

Oahu, April 2016

Auroras over the Iceberg Lagoon

Iceland, February 2016

Golden Circle Ponies

Iceland, February 2016

Vic sea stacks

Iceland, February 2016

while you were sleeping

Auroras in Iceland, February 2016

in the still of the night....

Heather Meadows Aid Room, Winter Solstice 2015

in the spotlight

Mt Baker Ski Area, January Full Moon 2016

nightlight on Shuksan

Full Moon January 2016

front row in life.... take a seat.

Mt Baker Ski Area, January Full Moon 2016

boarder peaks sunrise

January, 2016 from Artist Point

artist point

June 2015 Auroras

respect yer elders....
Kerry Park Sunrise

January 2016

November Moonshine and the Sisters
Once upon a time... the sisters
a moon-kissed shucksan
a winter adventure
Molokai Sunrise
in the still of the night, Lake Ann.

July 31st, 2015

Moonrise over the Sisters

July 1st, 2015. Full Moon rise.... wow, right place at the right time!!!

Table Mtn Solstice Sunrise, 2015
Table Mtn views, Solstice June 2015
Artist Point, June 2015
Shucksan sits alone... June 2015
Artist Point, June 2015
Dancing light and Shucks, June 2015
Baker morning... June 2015

Skagit Valley, March 2015

Skagit Valley, March 2015

Index, WA. March 2015.

Mt Baker Ski Area..... special things happen at Twilight.... December, 2014.

Gothic Basin, WA. July 2014.

Beauty on the Kalalau Trail, Napali Coast, Kauia. April 2011.

Taking in epic Mt Baker night time views with a raging fire... last days of February, 2015.

View from the Chuckanuts, WA. October 2014.

A convocation of eagles... Mt Baker Hwy, WA. December 2014.

Sunset, Sisters. September 2014

Sunset from Park Butte Lookout, WA. September 2014.

Harvest Moon rising over Mt Baker, WA. September 2014.

Baja, Mexico. January 2015.

Early morning light, Baja Mexico. January 2015.

Early morning light, off shore wind, building swell... Baja, Mexico. January 2015.

Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. April 2013.

Rear view of the Sister, Mt Baker Hwy, WA. March 2013.

Sunset from Park Butte Lookout, WA. The Sisters peak out above the clouds. September 2014.

Reflections of Mt Hood from the Timberline Trail, OR. October 2014.

Morning light on Turtle Island, taken from the shore of Molokai, HI. June 2014.

Reflections, Mt Baker, WA. September 2014.

Ramona Falls, Timberline Trail, OR. October 2014.

Orcas Island, WA. February 2015.

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