Born and raised in beautiful Washington State. Photography started as an adventure in paying tribute to the immense natural beauty of the surrounding landscapes. I have a special interest in low light and long exposure photography and have spent countless hours hiking around the backcountry with my tripod and gear in tow, usually up at all hours of the night to capture sunset, the milkyway, star trails, moonrise, moonset and sunrise. In the last couple of years my focus has shifted and I became a Mom. I am still a backcountry and nature enthusiast, however now I carry a bit more weight (my little girl, Olivine, on the front and my camera and camping gear on my back) and the focus of my lens is now usually Olivine sitting in front of some spectacular scenery. I would love to share my love for capturing beautiful light with you... whether it be a landscape print or a personalized portrait photo shoot. I thank you in advance for you interest in my work and look forward to working with you. Cheers!